Ladies Book Club Chapter 3

I didn’t know if I was more excited to see her being gang banged or being served with the divorce papers.I did get erect seeing her being fucked, but I didn’t see her as myi wife, but being a slut in a porn video.She had stopped being my wife and I was going to let her know that I no longer had any love Her.Her libido was kicked into gear when she was with her pimps, she turned into a true nymphomaniac for black cock, she just couldn’t get enough.After the divorce, she would be free to fuck constantly. Adam asked, “You have said what you planned, but what is this secret you won’t reveal?” I said, “That will be revealed tomorrow just after she is served with the divorce papers.”I was grinning as I envisioned the scene and her face when I dropped the bomb shell on her when she was served.I was brought out of my daze with Adam weaving his hands in front of my face. Adam then said, “Hello, hello, Adam to Bill.”I shook my head and looked at Adam.He said, “I sure would like to be there to see what this surprise is. Just to see her face when she is served will be classic in it self.You have me antsy, I really want to know what this secret is.” I thought for a minute and then said, “Why not, I don’t see why you can’t be there, you would be a witness to her divorce service. I will set it up as you are going to join us for dinner. Just don’t expect having dinner after she is served, in fact you probably won’t want to stay long after I expose my surprise.” I really didn’t know what to expect. It could be from dropping to her knees and pleading my forgiveness, but after the surprise, I expect all hell will break loose. One thing I knew for sure, she will cry a lot knowing how much I despise her after how she lied and cheated on me. She will definitely know I no longer have any love or compassion for her.The contempt I had for her would last for a long time.I would be a long time before I would trust another woman.Now when I looked at a woman, all I could see was a lying and cheating bitch. I left work Thursday night and went to Adam’s house to set up my video equipment. I had left a voice mail on Alice’s cell phone. I told her to go to her ‘ladies book club’ as I would be about an hour or more late getting home. I just finished setting up my video equipment when we saw Alice, totally naked dance into that glass enclosed family room. There were the two naked black men not far behind. She got on the padded table and spread her legs. I zoomed in and she already had cum running from her pussy. I’m sure since I wouldn’t touch her all week, she attacked them to get fucked once inside the door. In my mind I saw her naked as the front door was opened and pulling them onto her on the floor.I wouldn’t be surprised if she was naked before she rang the bell. She again was screaming to be fucked. I heard her yell, “GET THOSE BIG BLACK COCKS BACK IN ME, I WANT YOUR BLACK BABY SEED DEEP IN MY WOMB. I’M YOUR MARRIED WHITE WHORE AND I NEED TO BE FUCKED WITH THOSE BIG BLACK COCKS.” She got her wish and in four hours, we counted thirty naked men fuck her over and over, and most probably more than twice. Alice and the padded table were coated with cum and pussy juices. When most of the customers left, the two brothers posed Alice on the table with her legs open and took pictures of the cum flowing from her cunt. Then they flipped her over and took pictures of the cum running from her ass. Alice didn’t seem to be upset that they took pictures of her. The sensitive shot gun mike was real good. I got on video and audio her viewing the pictures and smiling asked them if they could call in more customers. It was 2 am and again I saw and video tapes them helping her up and helped her get dressed in a conservative dress to avoid questions from her husband…Oh, but I already know. For all I cared, she could come home naked with cum leaking from her pussy and ass. I planned to get home long after Alice. I already knew she would be in the bath tub to eradicate the evidence of her pleasurable ordeal. I knew in the last week that she had amassed a supply of disposable douches to conceal her cheating. I am also sure that she made sure to give herself an enema, probably before and after. As I suspected she was just getting out of the tub and drying walking into the bed room showing her body to me. In a sexy voice, Alice said, “Hi sweetheart, get your clothes off and get in the bed.” Sorry, but I wasn’t going to fall for the bait…no cock from me. I went straight to bed wearing my boxers and it surprised me that when she began to fondle my cock, I didn’t get hard. In fact I don’t think my cock even twitched. She tried like hell, but couldn’t get me aroused. She turned over in bed and cried herself to sleep.As I was falling asleep, I wondered just how stretched her pussy and ass were in these few weeks.I will never be able to answer my own question, I wasn’t going to check. Friday morning, I made coffee and humming to a tune on the radio when Alice came in to the kitchen in her robe. She looked haggard, like she had been fucked all night. I handed her a cup of coffee and began to leave. Alice said, “I love you. I hope we can spend time together this weekend.” I looked at her and said, “I plan to be home early. I don’t plan to do any work this weekend.” I left it at that and I knew Alice was thinking that I planned to fuck her to make up for the last two weeks. As I was walking out the door, Alice said, “I will plan to be home early too. I love you.” I saw her blow me a kiss when getting in my car. Little did she know what her Friday evening and the rest of her life would be total hell. I was antsy all day at work. Adam gave me a sly grin and asked if he was still invited to my party. “Sure, bud,” I said, “Just be ready for any flying dishes or pans. I am not responsible for any injuries you incur.” Adam chuckled and said, “It would be worth it just to see her face.Yes, a frying pan for her expression.” There was not much work for a Friday and the slack caused the time to drag. With the slack time, I edited the new videos from last night’s ‘ladies book club’ and burned four DVD copies.I knew the process server was due at 6 pm. Adam followed me home and as we entered, I announced to Alice that I invited Adam to dinner. The look she gave me, I knew she was thinking her weekend was not going to be what she wanted. I already knew that as I smiled and walked into the kitchen. There was nothing cooking, so I asked Alice if she had planned dinner. Alice glared at me and softly said, “I was planning our special dinner would be in the bedroom.Bill, didn’t you get the hint this morning that I wanted us to have this weekend to our selves?”Without an answer, I opened the fridge and got a beer for Adam and me. I handed Adam his beer and we sat in the living room while waiting for 6 pm.We were both nervous and it was hard to find anything to talk about. Alice began rummaging around in the kitchen, slamming cabinet doors and banging pots on the stove.I don’t think she was even trying to make a meal, just noises to let me know she was pissed. Right on time, the process server rang the bell. I went to the door and invited him in. Alice came from the kitchen and gave me a very icy stare and asked, “How many people did you invite to dinner without informing me?” I took Alice by the hand and led her back into the kitchen where I told her to sit down. The server walked up and handed her an envelope. I put down the two DVD’s on the table.She had a stunned look on her face and I answered her silent question. “Those are your divorce papers. These are the DVD’s of your ‘ladies book club. Soon, you will be no longer be a MARRIED white whore for big black cock. Alice’s stare was boring right though me. My mention of whore caused her to freeze. Adam jumped in and walked the process served to the door and thanked him. He returned just as I was bringing Alice out of her coma like state. I handed her the envelopes with the pictures Adam had taken. It took just a couple of those pictures for her mouth to fall open. I opened my lap top computer and began playing the first DVD. She began to turn away, but I then went and held her head and said, “Bitch, you will look at this video, you will see it all the way through. I want you to see what a married white whore does at her ‘ladies book club.” It only took five minutes for her to really begin to cry. As I forcefully held her head to watch the video, she kept sobbing and saying, “But I love you, I don’t want a divorce. I want to spend my life with you. Please, please don’t leave me Bill, I will never even think of fucking another man for the rest of my life.” I told her to save her breath, there was no pleading to stop the divorce. After the video ended, she put her head down on the table and just cried. I told her the okther DVD was pretty much the same and I clearly caught her screaming for more big black cock and to fill her with black baby sperm. I then asked her what our plans were when I was promoted. She slowly lifted her head and said, “I…I don’t remember.” “I’m surprised, it was originally your idea. Remember our plan after I got my promotion, you would go off birth control and we would begin our family?” With her puffy eyes, she began to cry again. “Bill I can stop the affair and stop taking my birth control pills so we can return to our regular life.” she pleaded. Then I said, “I have a present for you”. I handed her an early pregnancy test. She said, “What do I want with this, I won’t need this until I think I’m pregnant.I’m on birth control pills and won’t need this until we’re ready.” I smiled and said, “Right after your first Thursday night ‘ladies book club’ actions and then the photographs two weeks ago, I went to the pharmacy to get this and to get a bottle of placebo pills. For the last two weeks, you haven’t been taking birth control pills and I didn’t fuck you those two weeks. I’m sure if you use the early home pregnancy test, you will find that you are going to have a black baby. After all, you were screaming for their black baby seed deep inside you.” The look on her face, she was red like a traffic light and the veins in her neck were bulging out and she clinched her fists. Adam began to back out of the kitchen. He knew she was now capable of anything and I’m sure he was glad there wasn’t a kitchen knife close. I said, “I suggest that you move out tonight and move in with your two pimps. I’m sure they will keep your ass, pussy and stomach full of cum. I’m sure some of your customers will enjoy fucking a pregnant white women. Now, call your pimps and have them come and get you. I will be sure all your belongings will be waiting for you on the front lawn in the morning.” Yeah, like I predicted to Adam, the water dam really broke open and all hell was released. When Alice attempted to throw a pot of flowers, I grabbed her and shoved her out the front door. She couldn’t get into the garage to get her car, it wouldn’t make any difference, I had her keys. She used her cell phone to make a call. In twenty minutes, a car with two black men came and that was the last I saw Alice. She didn’t turn up in court to contest the divorce. My attorney said she had called him on Tuesday and asked what she needed to do with the divorce papers, he told her to just sign them and return them to his office. If she didn’t want the pictures and DVD shown in court, just sign and return the papers. For once in the last month, she listened to reason. Adam told me that the brothers still had nightly gang bangs for about a month and then the house went on sale.Once in a while, he saw Alice as one of the white whores and he said that she was still enjoying their black cocks. I did call Joan, the waitress at the Radisson hotel. I let her know what the outcome was and she asked what the secret was that I wouldn’t tell her. I told her about the early pregnancy test and switching the birth control pills to placebos. With all that sperm for two weeks, she was going to have a black baby. Joan said, “You are nasty. I’m going to treat my boyfriend real nice. I don’t want to be unknowingly forced to have any color baby. I do want to see you again…with my boyfriend there.” I chuckled and said, “We’ll see how things go.” We both laughed and she said, “Why don’t you come to dinner tonight.I had told my boyfriend about your DVD.Bring the DVD and we will all watch it.Maybe I can finish what I wanted to do at the Radisson the night I met you. I think you remember what I said.”I accepted her invitation for dinner.She and her boyfriend gave me the VIP treatment.With the pleasure and blessings of her boyfriend, Joan fucked my brains out.They both felt that I needed to release pent up tension.She said, “I sure don’t want you mad at me.” After three hours, Joan was stretched naked on the bed when she said, “I wonder if Alice will have triplets or more.At least she had enough seed in her.”That was the best medicine they could administer, I laughed until my stomach hurt.I was at peace.;u=1783;area=summary

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